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Luxury Transport Inc. offers the very best in Vancouver shuttles and Whistler transfers for individuals and group transportation. Celebrating our 22nd year of growth and success in the Vancouver Shuttles and Whistler transfers industry.

Our clients enjoy PASSENGER PERKS! Book with us and enjoy discounts from many of Whistler’s amazing companies and services including Extremely Canadian, Nester’s Market, Foon Ski, Gibbons, Black Tie Ski Rentals and more!

YVR to Whistler, Vancouver to Whistler, Whistler day tours or an Employee or Student Vancouver Shuttle can all be enhanced with our customized transportation solutions.

Luxury Transport

Health & Safety

Your safety and comfort, as well as our exceptional level of customer service are at the forefront of our success.

Safety is a key priority. With our on-board sanitation stations, safety signage and social distancing, we alleviate any concerns while providing quality and comfortable transfer solutions.

Check out our Health and Safety Initiatives!

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