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Canada Day approaches, and yes, I will cry at the parade!

June 28, 2011

It’s Canada Day 2011 and planning for the many festivities and parades is in full swing!

Choices are in abundance of places to join in the celebration, including…
Canada Place Parade and Festivities
Granville Island Parade and Festivities
Steveston Salmon Festival and Parade
North Van’s Waterfront Park Party and Parade
and so many more!

Parades are those wonderful events that bring out cheering crowds and smiling faces, and for me they bring out the tears! It’s embarrassing, I know, but I get so overwhelmed with emotion and excitement for my children…watching their faces as they take in the many sights, colours, sounds, and hearing their little high-pitched cheers that it just gets me every single time.

Get out there, celebrate, enjoy, and show your colours for Canada Day! Oh yah, and if you’re anything like me, bring some kleenex! 🙂

Ever thought of a Canada Day parade and festivities tour? We can travel around to the many Canada Day parades and festivities around town so you can take it all in and then some!